Hone your craft, unleash your creativity.

Welcome to Hone — music lessons for a new era, tailor-made for homeschool families.

Hone combines the individual attention of private lessons, the flexible structure of online learning, and the creative and collaborative environment of a record label to make for a truly unique learning experience loved by students and parents alike.

Parents love

1. The convenience of lessons from anywhere, and the day time lesson slots that easily integrate into a homeschool student’s school week.

2. The great value: 4-5 weekly sessions per month, near constant access to your teacher through the week, connections for collaborating, and free bonus content; all included in a monthly rate that’s lower than the average cost of guitar or piano lessons.

3. Seeing their students engaged and excited to be learning a wide set of skills, building a portfolio for future opportunities, and making something they care about.

Students love

(you might not believe us if we say “everything” so here are just a few things)

  1. The unique set of topics, which cover everything a modern artist will need to know.

  2. The near constant access to their teacher between lessons.

  3. The Hone approach: students follow an individualized path with the end goal of having the technical skills and creative inspiration to work on their own original projects.

Your space will be held for up to two weeks with no obligations or payment required.



How does it work?

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is Hone for me?

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Why Choose Hone?

  • Our Mission & Values

  • Modern + Music + Mentorship

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How do I get started?

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The mission of Hone is to mentor students as they hone their musical craft SO THAT they can unleash their creativity and share it with the world.