weekly sessions

This is your recurring weekly time slot for focused 1-on-1 time with your teacher. The Weekly Sessions are the linchpin of your experience with Hone.

Weekly Sessions follow two different formats on alternating weeks to provide two different but equally important learning experiences.

Live sessions have the student and teacher online together via video chat*. In this setting the student can give updates and ask questions about previously covered material, as well as talk about what they’re encountering in their own projects. This is also a space for the teacher to introduce new ideas in a conversational way and get to know the student better.

*live text chat is available if the student prefers or if they happen to be in a setting that week that isn’t conducive to video chat

Through the online interface the student and teacher can share each others’ screens and the teacher can even “take over” over the student’s computer to demonstrate things right there on the student’s own screen, which is a particularly powerful way to learn.

Following every Live Session the teacher will leave a clear goal for the next week’s Hone Session.

Hone Sessions work in a “submit & review” format, which is similar to how most online education works. The student has something they know to work on, they submit a version of their project to their teacher, the teacher provides detailed feedback (no grades or pass/fail), and the student will often have the chance to make revisions and have follow up conversation with their teacher throughout the week.

The goal of these sessions is to learn or refine specific skills, or to make progress on the student’s personal projects. These sessions tend to be focused towards a clear goal and full of detailed feedback and guidance.

The student can submit their files any time before the scheduled weekly sessions. (The submissions could be mp3s, session files, or just about any other aspect of the music creation process.) Around the time the session starts the student will receive an email saying that the teacher is now looking at their submission. By the end of the scheduled time the teacher will submit their feedback, which can take many formats, such as:

  • a long form, detailed written response with feedback and clear steps to take for revisions

  • a copied version of the session file with notes on changes the teacher made and how to duplicate the process

  • a video recording from the teacher of how to play a musical part, make a production tweak, etc.

  • whatever else the teacher thinks will be helpful!

This “back and forth” format allows both the student and teacher the space and time to dive deep into the projects. Students benefit greatly from having someone with more experience work so closely on their projects, and teachers are able to give better guidance with this access to their student’s projects and devoted time to look over them closely.


These two types of sessions work hand-in-hand to give the students a deeply individualized and formative learning experience.