how it works

weekly session

This is your recurring weekly time slot for focused 1-on-1 time with your teacher. The Weekly Sessions are the linchpin of your experience with Hone.

Weekly Sessions follow two different formats on alternating weeks to provide two complementary learning experiences.

Live sessions have the student and teacher online together via video chat*. In this setting the student can give updates and ask questions about previously covered material, as well as talk about what they’re encountering in their own projects. This is also a space for the teacher to introduce new ideas in a conversational way and get to know the student better.

*live text chat is available if the student prefers or if they happen to be in a setting that week that isn’t conducive to video chat

Through the online interface the student and teacher can share each others’ screens and the teacher can even “take over” over the student’s computer to demonstrate things right there on the student’s own screen, which is a particularly powerful way to learn.

Following every Live Session the teacher will leave a clear goal for the next week’s Hone Session.

Hone Sessions work in a “submit & review” format, which is similar to how most online education works. The student has something they know to work on, they submit a version of their project to their teacher anytime before the deadline, the teacher provides detailed feedback (no grades or pass/fail), and the student will often have the chance to make revisions and have follow up conversation with their teacher throughout the week.

The goal of these sessions is to learn or refine specific skills, often while making progress on the student’s personal projects. These sessions tend to be focused towards a clear goal and full of detailed feedback and guidance.

The student can submit their files any time before the scheduled weekly sessions. (The submissions could be mp3s, session files, or any other aspect of the music creation process.) Around the time the session starts the student will receive an email saying that the teacher is now looking at their submission. It’s possible that during the session the teacher will reach out to the student with a clarifying question or to ask them for an additional file. By the end of the scheduled time the teacher will submit their feedback, which can take many formats, such as:

  • a long form, detailed written response with feedback and clear steps to take

  • a copied version of the session file with notes on changes the teacher made and how to duplicate the process

  • a video recording from the teacher of how to play a musical part, make a production tweak, etc.

  • whatever else the teacher thinks will be helpful!

This “back and forth” format allows both the student and teacher the space and time to dive deep into the projects. Students benefit greatly this built in time to create and experiment, as well as from having someone with more experience work so closely on their projects. And teachers are able to give better guidance with this access to their student’s projects and devoted time to look over them closely.


These two types of sessions work hand-in-hand to give the students a deeply individualized and formative learning experience.

In addition to the highly engaging and personalized private lessons, Hone also provides near constant access to your teacher between lessons, the chance to collaborate with other students (optional), and occasional bonus content sent to all students.

+extra access

Even with the best music teachers you are typically limited to a brief scheduled time slot, while the rest of the week you are left to fend for your self. A major additional value to lessons with Hone is that you have extra access to your teacher at all times between weekly sessions.

24 hour email guarantee

You can message your teacher at any time and emails have a guaranteed response time of 24 hours. This ability to reach out and quickly get clarity, advice, or feedback on a project is invaluable and makes a big difference in student engagement between sessions.

“Office hours”

You can also access your teacher during pre-scheduled "Office Hours" where they will be online and available to all students to answer questions and even do spur the moment video chats. 

+extra connections

Imagine Student A wants to get better at mixing, but doesn’t have enough raw recordings to work on. Student B has written and recorded multiple songs, but wants to get them professionally mixed before sharing them with the world. The unique environment of Hone offers a mutually beneficial solution to both students. With Student B’s permission, we can send a session of theirs to Student A who will work with their teacher to turn it into a high quality mix. Student A benefits from the hands on experience, and Student B might just get their song mixed for free and make a new musician friend in the process.

Students will never be forced to share their work or collaborate. But, for those looking for collaboration in a safe space of peers Hone provides a rare and exciting chance for these types of moments to take place.

+extra content

Hone students also receive occasional bonus content, such as ebooks, creative prompts, or raw music files to experiment with. As long as you are a Hone student you will also have access to an archive with all past content.


Do you have to be homeschooled to sign up?
Nope. Hone is tailored for the lifestyle of homeschool students, but that is not a requirement.

Is my student too young/old? 
The recommended ages for Homeschool Records is 8th-12th grade. This is truly a recommendation, not a requirement, so don’t hesitate to reach out if your student doesn’t fall in that age range but you feel they are still a good fit.

What gear do I need?
DAW, interface, midi controller, microphone, monitors

ebook or page with recommendations

What specific gear do you recommend?
DAW: Pro Tools homeschool discount
also great Logic or Garageband, Reason, FL Studio

ebook or page with recommendations

What is the cost? How often do I pay? Do I have to pay for missed lessons?

(see Rates, Policies, and Prerequisites)

I’m nervous about my student talking to people I don’t know. What policies are in place to ease my mind?

Video sessions are recorded and uploaded to a cloud backup. If the student, parent, or teacher had any reason to feel uncomfortable about something that happened during a video chat the recordings are accessible to review. This policy is in place to protect both student and teacher, and to give parents peace of mind.

Written communication is also archived, and parents can be cc’ed on every email, if they choose.