the “ideal Hone student” checklist

Is Hone a good fit for you?

If any of these are true for you or your student…

  • You write your own songs and want to make high quality recordings of your original material.

  • You like to listen to pop, hip-hop, or electronic music and are curious about producing music on your own computer.

  • You are accomplished on a specific instrument, but would like to learn how to compose and record.

  • You are interested in pursuing a career as a music leader or tech director at a church.

  • You’ve already done some home recording, but want to take your production skills to a professional level.

  • You want to build a portfolio for college with original compositions and/or productions.

  • You’ve always loved music and have a desire to hone a craft that allows you to make your own musical contribution to the world.

  • You used to take private music lessons, but are craving more creativity, excitement, and real world application.

then the answer is yes.